UNI-WELL  MOM White Paper Officially Release
Specialized, refined, novel, unique and customized: the new generation of digital factories makes production and manufacturing more efficient and intelligent.
Multiple languages Globalization
Support multilingual and unified globalization deployment
Support different application scenarios and hardware configurations
Multi-terminal Applications
Rapid deployment
Support one-click deployment and continuous deployment
Support single factory or group-wide unified deployment mode
Group Deployment
Intelligent Manufacture Execution System-MES

Support and empower the development of new productive forces, assist factories in improving quality and efficiency, and open up a "new track" for management

50                                 22                                 40 +
technical capabilities             core advantages                in use

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To Endow traditional laboratories with new value and achieve low cost and high efficiency

38                                  8                                   30 +
technical capabilities             core advantages                in use

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Lay a solid foundation for enterprises to build intelligent lighthouse factories

68                                 25                                 50 +
technical capabilities             core advantages                in use

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5G Full Connection" Empower the digital upgrading of traditional production lines, becoming a "bag of tricks" for digitalization

30                                 48                                 30 +
technical capabilities             core advantages                in use

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Product Research & Development Management System
Totally integrated automation solutions
Laboratory information Management System (LIMS)
Excellent guarantee
The company has strong research and development capabilities. The team members are all technical backbones who come from domestic and international internet giants and have deep experience in their professional fields. With advanced professional technology and innovative capabilities, after long-term project practice and continuous learning, the team provides digital factories with construction capabilities such as concept design, system architecture, project implementation, support and maintenance, and project landing by virtue of its deep technological integration ability and project development experience.
Research and Development
The company has a sound ISO quality system, and has developed a series of  comprehensive quality management systems and system documents, covering every aspect of product design, research and development, release, sales, integration, implementation, testing, acceptance and maintenance, ensuring comprehensive control of product quality and forming a complete quality management closed loop, effectively improving the efficiency of quality management. A strict quality monitoring mechanism has been established to detect and solve quality problems in a timely manner through regular quality inspections, process control, and quality audits, and to continuously improve the effectiveness and adaptability of the quality management system
Wellthinic Technology has accumulated implementation experience in building lighthouse projects for different industries and customers. During the project execution process, we provide customers with localized operation and maintenance team support, continuous service year-round, and other higher-quality service guarantees. Adhering to the concept of service first and efficiency first, it continues to create value for customers, realize enterprise digital transformation, and assist China's intelligent manufacturing.
Deeply develop local markets, make global layout, upgrade empowerment、
and intelligently creating the future
 successfully project delivery
The core team of the company has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years and has won awarded several honorary titles such as  "High-tech Enterprise", "Professional/specialized/new"  and so on. The company has 5 invention patents, 50+ software copyright certificates and various software copyrights. It has independent intellectual property rights for the core technologies of its main products and services, and holds three certificates. It is a Siemens the highest-level engineering certification partner.
years industry experience
successful cases of leading enterprises

Adopting user account security policies; user authentication and authorization; asymmetric encryption algorithms; encryption of data transmission process; 

authority control; page-level operation control, etc

It can meet 90% of the business processes in the process industry, and through modular configuration, it can achieve business differentiation.
The front-end and back-end are completely separated development models, making it easier to expand the front-end page and back-end logic, while supporting the reuse and expansion of existing functionality.
Product advantages
The generic interfaces encapsulated by the backend can be directly called to implement commonly used business functions. There is no need to develop front-end encapsulated generic components, and page displays can be achieved by directly assembling and passing parameters.
Supports multiple databases
The platform provides generic interfaces that can be called by third-party systems, and it also provides generic methods to call third-party systems, enabling rapid integration with mainstream third-party systems.
System integration
Cross-platform compatibility
Supports all mainstream operating systems, enabling deployment of applications and load balancing across different platforms.
Targeting the Industry
Key Partner
Immediate Consultation
Promoting enterprise development, enhancing technological innovation, and making intelligent manufacturing more efficient.